E-Member Benefits

Country Club of Arkansas


The E-Membership program at The Country Club of Arkansas is, by far, the most successful and most innovative golf program in the Arkansas golf market.

The E-Membership program is based on loyalty, value, communication, and recognition. For a variety of reasons not every golfer plays often enough to justify the monthly cost of a Full Club Membership, but this does not mean that they do not wish to enjoy the privileges and respect that comes along with being a member. For this reason we developed the popular E-Member program. Now in it’s fifth year of operation our Country Club of Arkansas E-member program boasts an incredible roster of over 3,000 active members. It is central Arkansas’ most popular, most talked-about program for daily fee golfers.


Upon registration or renewal each E-Members receive an active “Awards Account”. Each time he or she plays a certain dollar-value is deposited in the account. Awards range between $2 and $10, depending on the day of the week, the time of day, and other factors. Awards may be spent like cash on future golf, food & beverage purchases, or may be saved for a large purchase in the future.


Every E-Member has his or her own account at the club. We know who you are, when you play, and what makes you happy. E-Members ARE members of the The Country Club of Arkansas and they can expect to be treated as such.


Every week the club sends a personal email to each and every E-Member in our roster. These messages explain (thoroughly) what is happening at the course. We let you know if there are course-conflicts, course maintenance procedures, or anything else that could affect the enjoyment of your day. We would rather you play at another course than have you show up at our course and be disappointed.


Because of the investment of our time to create a truly symbiotic relationship with our E-Members, most consider The Country Club of Arkansas “their course”. We love it!

Membership Prices

E-Members pay $20.00 annually. Applications are taken in-person at the course, or by phone (with a major credit card) by calling 501-851-0095.