Tournament Guidelines and Prices

The following general guidelines pertain to outside events held at The Country Club of Arkansas.

Outings at Country Club of Arkansas

  1. Outside food and beverages shall not be brought onto club property by event participants.
  2. Participants are required to adhere to the club’s dress code, and event sponsors are responsible for communicating the dress-code to participants prior to the event. (See dress code at the bottom of the page)
  3. Outside caterers are generally prohibited but certain exceptions may be made for charity events from time to time. Specific details should be discussed with course personnel before any agreements are made with outside caterers.
  4. Event paricipants are expected to maintain a suitable pace of play at all times, and course management reserves the right to take any action required to preserve order on the course and in the clubhouse.

Country Club of Arkansas Event Dress Code:

Outings at Country Club of Arkansas

  1. Standard golf attire is required for both men and women.
  2. Denim bottoms, cut-offs, gym-wear, are prohibited for men and women. Male golfers are expected to wear collared shirts. Tee shirts and tank tops are prohibited.
  3. All apparel worn on the course is expected to be of a modest design. Shorts for both men and women should be mid thigh or longer, and shorts or tops bearing suggestiive or offensive content are prohibited in the clubhouse and on the course.
  4. Golf shoes are suggested for all golfers. In the event golf shoes are not worn, only soft-soled shoes such as sneakers shall be permitted. Dress shoes, boots, or open shoes such as sandals or flip-flops are prohibited on the course.

Outing Prices

In Season Prices: April – October.  Prices may be negotiable, depending on quantity of players and other factors.
  • Monday – Thursday (am): Starting at $22.50
  • Monday – Thursday (pm): Starting at $25.00
  • Friday (am): Starting at $25.00
  • Friday (pm): Starting at $29.00
  • Saturday – Sunday (am): Starting at $32.00
  • Saturday – Sunday (pm):  Starting at $25.00

Discounted prices are available for off-season months, including July and August. Call 851-0095 for information.  Ask for Tim Jenkins

Outing prices include professional tournament services such as scorecard preparation, professional scoring, presentation of awards, preparation of rules sheets, special event coordination, registration tables, and more.

All prices are subject to change without advanced notice. To “lock-in” your price a tournament contract is required. Contact the staff at The Country Club of Arkansas 501-851-0095 for more details.

Planning Your Tournament

Whether you are an experienced event-planner or a first-timer, you are looking for a seemless event that is perfectly planned and professionally executed. The Country Club of Arkansas is central Arkansas’ leading golf-outing facility. We have the experience, the staff, and the facility necessary to ensure that every detail of you event is first-rate.

Outing Food Options

Outings at Country Club of Arkansas

Treat your guests to a panoramic view of the course from our elevated outdoor patio, which comfortably seats more than 100 guests.

At The Country Club of Arkansas the food preparation is first rate and its presentation is attractive with a casual feel. Delight your hungry guests from by choosing any of the following menu items, designed exclusively for golf outing guests. The following menu items are listed in order of popularity (click on the link below):

Outings at Country Club of Arkansas

Contact our F&B manager at 501-851-0095 for a seasonal Outing Menu.